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 Skies of Equestria [Fanfiction]

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PostSubject: Skies of Equestria [Fanfiction]   Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:50 am

If you didn't see the fanart thread titled Skies in Equestria, click here.

Turns out, that art was for a fan-fiction, described as
Quote :
"A ponified re-telling of Skies of Arcadia. Join Vyse and his fellow Air Pirates on their quest around the world to stop the Valuan Armada from collecting all six Elements of Harmony!" (found from Equestria Daily here)

The artist of that picture, PJ Elliot (their deviantart here) also wrote this fanfiction.

Again, if you don't like the show, this likely won't interest you, but it's great. I haven't read that much of it as of writing this, but I will definitely be reading more of it very soon. If anyone is actually interested in this fanfiction, I'll keep this post updated by linking out other chapters.

For now, here is chapter one, link courtesy of Equestria Daily (see link in quote), I hope someone else enjoys this as much as I do.

Chapter 1
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Skies of Equestria [Fanfiction]
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