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PostSubject: Rogue Galaxy   Rogue Galaxy I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 13, 2011 3:06 pm

This game initially caught my eye at a game store a couple of years ago, but I dismissed it until I could read some reviews ( I have been burned by many a cool-looking awful game ). Later, I went back and couldn't find it. I was lucky enough to receive a copy from my dad completely by chance for my birthday and it made me completely regret not buying it as soon as I saw it.

I could go on and on and on and on about this game, but the most anyone really needs to know is that it's fantastic. An SoA friend of mine and I call it "Skies of Arcadia in Space" because at times it feels like just that.

The majority of the voice acting is great, the characters are likable, the story as far as I have played it ( I will get into that momentarily ) is engaging and the gameplay is simpler than some RPGs of its caliber while remaining fun.

The only downside for me, and possibly others, is in its dual-layer compatibility needs.
Having a newer model PS2, I am unable to run the disc most of the time and only got as far as I did on pure luck ( ie: resetting again and again until it read the darned thing ). Those with older PS2s should have no problems. I am currently waiting on getting an older model with dual-layer reading capabilities so that I can finish it!

That being said, it was a marvelous play for as far as I got, which I think was about twenty hours or so in, possibly more.

Combat is not turn-based as it is in SoA, but more comparable to the Grandia and Tales styles mixed together weirdly, just from my experience. I'm trying to remember all of the details but it has been a little while and I've played a lot of stuff in between then and now. ^_^;
I do remember that fighting takes place in a separate real-time area, and you fight as a character of your choosing while issuing orders to your party members. It can get a little hectic doing all of this yourself at first, but there is an auto-strategy mode for NPCs that isn't terrible. I found the AI to be much better than in some games I have played.
They are pretty generous with who you can pick and what role you can choose to play, so it's not limited to just one type for those that want to play around with it... Or if you just develop a favourite character. ^_^

Anyway, there are shades of SoA all throughout and it's a terribly fun experience without ripping anything off.

I've rambled enough- I'll let a random YouTube trailer do the rest.